Revised Canadian Hosting Policy

Published December 8, 2022
Biathlon Canada is issuing a revised Canadian Hosting Policy to address recent changes to the IBU Event and Competition Rules, to codify Biathlon Canada’s fluoro-free policy, to incorporate additional safe sport requirements for coaches, and to provide greater flexibility to organizers with regards to social functions. Mass Start 60 and Single Mixed Relay competition formats have also been added for Junior Boys/Girls.

Here is a summary of the four substantive changes that have been made to the Hosting Policy:

Section 3.9 in Annex B has been added to modify the new 2-minute penalty for crossfiring in section 11.3.3.d of the IBU Event and Competition Rules. The 2-minute penalty for crossfiring will apply to IBU Classes but will not apply for the Junior Boys, Junior Girls, Senior Boys, Senior Girls, and Masters Classes.

Section 9 has been added to codify Biathlon Canada’s fluoro-free policy. High Fluoro (HF), Medium Fluoro (MF) or Low Fluoro (LF) glide waxes, including HF, MF or LF powders, pucks, blocks and liquids, and cold-weather powder additives and hardeners containing fluoros are prohibited at Biathlon Canada sanctioned events including Canada Winter Games and the Canadian Biathlon Championships.

Promoting and ensuring Safe Sport is an essential part of Biathlon Canada’s mission. is a cornerstone to the coaching practice in Canada. As part of our measures to support furthering safe and ethical sport, Coaches at Nationals will be required to have completed the Coaches Association of Canada's Safe Sport and Understanding the Rule of Two e-learning modules. These free modules are available in The Locker. This requirement is set out in section 4.4.1 of the Hosting Policy.Organizers have been provided with greater flexibility to organize a social function as set out in section 6.3.4 of the Hosting Policy.

Details about the social function will be included in the event invitation as before.In addition to the substantive changes above, language has been simplified throughout the policy to be more clear and concise without intending to change the meaning of the provisions.

Clay Whitman, Biathlon Canada Sport Development Manager, will be hosting a videoconference at 19:00 Eastern Time on Wednesday, December 14 to review and discuss these changes with anyone interested.

Meeting ID: 863 3022 0534
Passcode: 672266